Sunday, 8 December 2013

'Green thumb' by Y. Brykensova

As you will definitely come to realise, I absolutely love keeping indoor plants (mainly succulents) and outdoor plants (also mainly succulents). So when I was recently checking my bookmarked etsy sellers, I was over joyed to spot this watercolour print by artist, Yelena Brykensova. I've been an admirer of Yelena's for some time, but must have overlooked this little beauty in the past. I felt like I was staring into a mirror, it was like she'd painted me, doing my favourite thing: repotting lovely little plants, starting new succulent arrangements.  Of course, I bought the print and have since framed it and have it hanging on my wall. It doesn't fail to make me smile. It makes me think how one day,  I'd love to have my own little repotting shed, filled with unusual species and pretty gardening shirts.

Here she is:

Other favourites of mine include:

More lovely art (prints and originals) by Yelena are available to buy from her etsy store,

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