Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Chilean Adventure, Day 1

Well, it is Day 1 (Sunday 19th July) of this trip of mine and I'm feeling good. I slept a solid 15 hours last night, going to bed at 5pm and waking this morning to my host-mum, Claudia, boiling a kettle and asking is a would like tea (of course I would).

The journey here was long, I won't lie. The short plane journey to Amsterdam plus 4 hour wait there felt counterproductive as we were flying further away from our final destination, but hey! that's international flights for you. P.s Amsterdam airport is expensive: £6 for mints, a bottle of water and popcorn. The really long part (the fifteen-maybe more) hour flight to Buenos Aires (brief kiss with Argentinian soil) was killer- I barely slept and the nose end of the plane felt very hot to me. I watched rubbish blockbuster-y films and willed the plane go faster. Then a short 1hr45min flight to Santiago Chile, which was a breeze. We arrived in Santiago, and what a relief! Our bags made it with us, despite all the touchdowns, refuels and transfers. Santiago-an air is crisp and fresh, especially after 24+ hours of recycled plane air.  Many, many terribly jokes about Chile being chilly were made as we walked to our transfer bus, and many many more will be made throughout the trip I am sure.

I am currently sat in my bedroom at my host family's home in Vina del Mar. I have a big window and ensuite, which is just ideal for me. It is my Chilean little brother's thirteenth birthday today so family is coming over shortly for lunch. My home has a lovely balcony and is several stories up so I have a wonderful view of the town. There is a funicular at one end of my street and the main road (which all bus routes travel) at the other. I am very happy with my family and home. Later we (the group of Greenwich students in Chile) are meeting at a hotel to check in with our point-of-contact, Roberto at his hotel on the beach.

I best be off now, but please feel free to follow me on Instagram at:, where I'll be posting using the trip's hashtag, #GreenwichInChile


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