Thursday, 6 August 2015

Developing film in Chile - some pictures of the trip

I had a mission the day before I left Valparaiso for the Andes: to get five rolls of film developed. I’ll start with this- ‘photo development’, ‘analog camera’ and ‘roll of film’ are not common Spanish phrases, let alone phrases learnt during a two-week beginners course.

After walking the streets of Viña del mar and Valpo, I finally found one- in the simplest of places, a mall! I pointed at my film, said ‘uno hora?’ (one hour) with no confidence that the shop assistant would understand what I wanted and to my pleasant surprise, she replied with a bored stare and said yes and would I like a disc? I meandered the hour a way by traipsing around the mall and finally the hour was up......Oh my goodness- my expensive little habit (film photography) would be much easier to sustain here in Chile!! In the UK I have 1 roll of film developed roughly every two weeks in a Snappy Snaps in Lewisham, this costs £15 for 36 exposures and a disc of the images (it’s horridly expensive I know, but I don’t smoke so shush), but in Chile.... it was £35 for five lots of 36 exposures plus 5 discs!!  I thought I’d mistranslated the amount and so asked her to write it down.

Anyway, why I’m telling you this is because I am so happy with the images. All of my classmates are so beautiful and the cities we visited were just...ugh...divine to take pictures of .

I’ll be updating my photography blog with the images over the next weeks, but for now, here are a few of my favorites:

P.s I’m in the Andes right now, but that’s a whole other blog post. 

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