Thursday, 27 August 2015

A video of my time in Patagonia

Well, I've been back in the UK for a week and I think I've finally knocked my sleeping pattern back into something tolerable. That being said, a couple of nights ago I just could not sleep and so went though my photos and videos from the last few days of my trip to Chile. I noticed I took a fair few videos and so thought it best to do something with them, rather than let them gather e-dust in my hard drive. So here's an attempt at a proper video. It's iPhone footage, and this is my 2nd time using iMovie (which I think is very uncooperative- I particularly dont like that it took an hour to 're-finalise' every time i slightly altered the edit, but this isn't a software review)...Hope you like it. Particularly watch out for the laser like sounds created by the ice lake! Plus the mountains! And dogs! Oh just watch the whole thing :)

Here's the video:

Music is by Stumbleine & Asa, which played in the breakfast room of my hotel most mornings. I went down everyday at around 05:45 (I'm not crazy, just wanted to make the most of the time) with my book, so as I nibbled kiwi, slurped tea, read my book, and enjoyed 'huevos' (eggs), Stumbeline provided a soundtrack. It's created music memories for me, as Crazy in Love by Beyonce reminds me of being by the pool in Turkey and Chop Suey by SOAD reminds me of sitting in my friends loft when I was 14/15.

Hope you like the video, I'm pleased to have done something with the footage. Now on to organising the 10 rolls of film I just had developed....!

Hasta luego amigos

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  1. I love the laser sounds of the glacier!